The Mycological Association of Washington, DC (MAW) is a nonprofit club of amateur and professional mycologists. We study, forage, and cook wild mushrooms, and educate the public about fungi. Our events in DC, Maryland, and Virginia include monthly guest speakers, forays with expert identifiers, and members-only tasting events.

To learn more about the hidden, magical world of mycelium beneath your feet, and find out which mushrooms grow in your neck of the woods, join us for an upcoming meeting or foray. 

Upcoming Events

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MAW membership entitles you to:

  • Participate in local MAW forays, including special members-only forays.
  • Participate in our annual fungi tasting dinners.
  • Receive our newsletter, Potomac Sporophore, published several times a year.
  • Join the North American Mycological Association at a reduced rate.

Annual dues are $20.00 for individual membership or $30.00 for a household. Your contribution helps support programming and club operations, including bringing in engaging speakers for our monthly meetings.

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