Mushroom Tastings - Update (August 2021)

MAW has long tradition of holding educational mushroom cooking events (which we call "tastings") in the spring and fall.  At tastings, MAW members would cook mushrooms and other foraged wild foods for other MAW members so that members could experience some of the mushrooms that can be found locally. Tastings historically had been generally open to all MAW members (subject to a small charge to cover costs).  Since 2020 MAW has not been able to hold such tastings as a result of Covid concerns and difficulty in finding a convenient space that permits onsite food preparation and could accommodate the increased  MAW membership. 

To continue to give members a chance to taste our local wild mushrooms, MAW is experimenting with an alternative to large-event tastings by forming a Culinary Co-Op group (the "CC Group").  The purpose of the CC Group is to connect members who actively forage for mushrooms, and and cooks willing to organize small local tasting events that focus on our local seasonally available mushrooms. 

The CC Group will operate through "Forums" on MAW's website, which will allow the CC Group members to communicate with each other, either though forum postings and direct emails.   The CC Group is open to all MAW members, but CC Group members are expected to actively participate by donating and/or cooking foraged mushrooms for the CC Group tastings.

After MAW has more experience with the CC Group structure (and if there is a sufficient supply of mushrooms), MAW may also organize tastings for other MAW members who are not members of the CC Group.  Such tastings would be announced to all MAW members, with registration being handled as an Event through MAW's website.

Mushroom Tastings

MAW’s mushroom tastings feature mycophagy (mushroom-based cooking) – delicious and educational at the same time! These programs allow members to share their best mushroom dishes and recipes. Taste mushrooms and other wild foods you have never tried before, and compare the results of different preparation and preservation techniques.

If it’s a particularly good year, a tasting might feature porcini risotto, morel quiche, chicken mushroom satay, chanterelle crostini, hen-of-the woods stir-fry, puffball Parmesan, and even candy cap ice cream. Cooks might explore:

  • Which makes better broth – black staining polypore or hen of the woods?
  • Which makes better risotto – black trumpet chanterelles or boletes?
  • Do you prefer truffle ice cream or candy cap ice cream? 

Come out to cook, or just to taste. Cooks get free entry! Participants will vote for the best preparations and we will share our recipes. 

MAW’s tastings are members-only. You must be an active member of MAW on the day of the event to attend. These popular events often sell out, so we strongly recommend that you register early!

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