MAW Leadership

Do you have a question about MAW, or want to get more involved? Send an email to the Board member responsible for the area you are interested in. For general inquiries, contact the President.

Do you want to serve on the board and head up one of these functions? Nominations are generally taken at the November meeting, and voted on at the December meeting. If you're interested in serving, it's best to let the current President know in the summer or fall.

2023 Board of Directors

Position Board member
President Elizabeth Hargrave
Vice President Tom McCoy
Secretary Anil Surathu
Treasurer Matt Cohen
Culinary  April Thompson
Newsletter Editor Marisol Perez
Foray Chair Mitch Fournet
Membership Chair  Tom Moore
Program Chair  Annie Weissman
NAMA Trustee  Bruce Boyer
Science Advisor Megan Romberg


Board Meeting Minutes

Board meetings are open to MAW members, and we post the meeting minutes here on our website.

 File Link (click to open in a new tab)
 2016 December 2016-12-15 Board Minutes.pdf
 2017 March 2017-03-30 Board Minutes.pdf
 2017 June 2017-06-29 Board Minutes.pdf
 2017 September

2017-09-28 Board Minutes.pdf

 2017 November

2017-11-30 Board Minutes.pdf

 2018 January

2018-01-25 Board Minutes.pdf 

 2018 March

2018-03-29 Board Minutes.pdf

 2018 May

2018-05-31 Board Minutes.pdf

 2018 August

2018-08-16 Board Minutes.pdf 

 2018 November

2018-11-29 Board Minutes.pdf 

 2019 January

2019-01-24 Board Minutes.pdf 

 2019 May

2019-04-30 Board Minutes.pdf 

 2019 October 2019-10-24 Board Minutes.pdf 

 2020 January

2020-01-16 Board Minutes.pdf
 2020 April  2020-04-30 Board Minutes.pdf
 2020 July  2020-07-30 Board Minutes.pdf
 2020 October 2020-10-29 Board Minutes.pdf
 2021 January 2021-01-29 Board Minutes.pdf
 2021 April 2021-04-29 Board Minutes.pdf
 2021 July 2021-07-29 Board Minutes.pdf

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