MAWDC Monthly Meeting: April

  • 05 Apr 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • virtual via Zoom

For our April meeting, our main lecture will be by a rising mycology star, Jacob Kalichman.  The tittle of his presentation is "Mushroom Macromorphology", in which he will tell us about the various forms that mushrooms take (and some they don't take). We'll get some help with our ID fieldcraft and learn about the jargon (morphological and taxonomic) we use to describe the mushrooms we find, and see some interesting mushroom pictures too.   

Jacob has been practicing identifying gilled mushrooms by sight since 2010, especially in California and Tennessee, with a focus on little-known or difficult-to-distinguish genera. He is fascinated by the evolutionary relationships among mushrooms and keeps track of the genus-level taxonomy of the gilled ones and their relatives in a compendium maintained at (agaric & Agaricales).  He wrote the species text for the forthcoming Audubon guide and is currently a field mycologist collecting for the Matheny Lab at the University of Tennessee, with an extra focus on Inocybaceae (fibercaps).

Our short program this month is going to be a festive one as our science advisor Dr. Megan Romberg tells us about wheat rust fungi and the ancient Roman festival of Robigalia it inspired to appease the malevolent gods of rust and mildew. 

We're virtual this month too via Zoom.  Here are the login credentials, including passcode should you need it.

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